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Pool Maintenance

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Kokopelli Pool and Spa, LLC offers swimming pool, spa, hot tub and and other water feature maintenance and repair throughout the Santa Fe, New Mexico area. Whether you have a one-time request or are seeking the perfect company to lovingly care for your pool and other water elements consistently, please call us for a quote to help you with your:

· Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly Service

· Pool and Spa Opening and Closing

· Equipment Repair and Upgrade

· Salt Water Systems/Eco-Friendly Tech

· Commercial and Residential

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At Kokopelli Pool & Spa, LLC, we are efficient, reliable and affordable pool maintenance professionals that have been installing, maintaining and repairing commercial and residential pools for years. Our fully certified maintenance team has decades of combined experience in pool maintenance and repair. No matter how big your pool problem is, we will be able to fix it.

For us at Kokopelli Pool & Spa, LLC, pool maintenance is far more than just a job—it’s a passion. Each member of our small but dedicated team is a pool enthusiast and we are confident that we know everything about maintaining and repairing a pool. This is not a claim we make lightly, but we believe that our customers’ continued approval is a sign that we must be doing something right.

So whether you are a hotel owner with an algae problem or a homeowner with a faulty air-relief valve, we know that it a pool maintenance issue can be stressful to resolve. Having years of experience as pool maintenance professionals means that we are fully aware of the fact that a pool is a major investment. You have already worked extremely hard to be in a position to enjoy your pool so why waste any further time trying to maintain it? Contact the leading pool maintenance operators today and let us take care of everything.

Commercial Pool Cleaning

Whether you are responsible for the upkeep of a pool hotel, army base, gym, country club or community center, our skilled maintenance professionals have the experience and know-how to correct any problem. Our aim at Kokopelli Pool & Spa, LLC is to return your pool to its optimal level in an efficient and affordable manner. We know that maintaining a pool is a full-time job and can often leave you with little time to take care of other tasks—and that is where we come in.

Kokopelli Pool & Spa, LLC provides a regular and reliable service to a wide range of businesses. We are only too happy to take on some or all of your pool maintenance, repairs and renovations. This includes regular maintenance services such as pool cleaning, adjusting the water chemistry or skimming the surface to more periodic and irregular repairs and renovations, such as pool openings and closings, tile repairs and pool draining.

Residential Pool Cleaning

Deciding to invest in a pool for your home is a big decision but, if maintained correctly, it can be a very worthwhile investment that can serve you and your family for many years. However, maintaining a pool can require expertise in pool operations, opening and closing techniques and chemical control. In other words—it is not a one-man job.

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Why not call the pool maintenance experts and let us take care of all the work for you? You worked hard to get your pool—now is your chance to really enjoy it.